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As Jupiter is currently in our skies during the early evening, it’s topical to touch on the Abyss on its surface.


Jupiter Abyss
What’s that black spot on Jupiter? No one is sure. During the latest pass of NASA’s Juno around Jupiter, the robotic spacecraft imaged an usually dark cloud feature informally dubbed the Abyss.

Surrounding cloud patterns show the Abyss to be at the center of a vortex. Since dark features on Jupiter’s atmosphere tend to run deeper than light features, the Abyss may really be the deep hole that it appears — but without more evidence that remains conjecture. The Abyss is surrounded by a complex of meandering clouds and other swirling storm systems, some of which are topped by light coloured, high-altitude clouds. The featured image was captured last month [May] while Juno passed only about 15,000 kilometers above Jupiter’s cloud tops. The next close pass of Juno near Jupiter will be in July.




Annual General Meeting  (AGM)

Life Membership Award

This year’s AGM was held at our observatory on Tuesday 28th May, during which a Life Membership Award was presented to committee member Les Smith. The award was presented by then-Vice President Lew Lawson, who indicated Les has been an active member of Tauranga Astronomical Society since 2002. Eulogies were presented by committee members Lew Lawson, Roy Tallon and Stuart Murray. Stuart and his wife Alison are the only other members who possess Life Membership Awards.


Les Smith holding his certificate

with Lew Lawson (left)

and Stuart Murray (right).


New committee

The AGM appointed a new committee. They are – Robert Bays, Grant Chalmers, Keith Forrest, David Greig, Lew Lawson, Stuart Murray, Jonathon Palmer, Kevin Patmore, Steve Roberts, Les Smith.

Office Bearers

At their first meeting on 5th June the new committee appointed Lew Lawson as President, Kevin Patmore as Secretary, and Grant Chalmers as Treasurer. We welcome Grant Chalmers as a new committee member. Grant is a retired accountant. Roy Tallon has been our treasurer for many years. Unfortunately Roy has stepped down for personal reasons and we thank him for the excellent service he has provided for our society.



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