The Aims and Objectives of the Tauranga Astronomical Society were confirmed at the inaugural meeting in 2002:

(1)   To promote and foster the development of astronomy and related technology in the Western Bay of Plenty

(2)   To encourage and foster associations and groups interested in astronomy including other organisations, clubs and schools

(3)   To cooperate with, advise and assist all persons interested in the science and hobby of astronomy

(4)   To arrange viewing nights for members and, at times for the public, at chosen sites using various telescopes owned by committee members and others

(5)   To set up and run an observatory at a suitable site for membership and community use

(6)   To encourage and foster the education of children in the science and hobby of astronomy and arrange lectures and demonstrations for schools

(7)   To make available a number of telescopes for loan use by Society members

(8)   To advertise and promote the planned observatory project among the local community

(9)   To plan for future expansion of the observatory to include a planetarium


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