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Tuesday 13th November Meeting – Astronomical Spectroscopy

The barcode of the Sun. A very long spectrum was chopped in small chunks and then displayed one on top of another.

At the Tauranga Observatory this week, we will be looking into Astronomical Spectroscopy. Astronomical Spectroscopy is the analysis of light that determines temperature, composition and movement of stellar objects. It is one of astronomy’s most useful applications. Astronomical spectroscopy is the study of astronomy using the techniques of spectroscopy to measure the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, including visible […] Read more»

Public Meeting 11th September 2018

~  Our next meeting is scheduled for 11th September 2018 Program Checking Out the Neighbours: Searching for planets in the Alpha Centauri system   The Centaurus constellation includes Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri, both easily seen near the Southern Cross (Crux) constellation without telescopes. (Image Credit: Starry Night Education) The Alpha […] Read more»


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