New website is now live!


To bring in the new year, we have decided to update our website in order to offer more functionality to our members, to bring more content to the online space, and to help with potential members, schools and groups to make bookings for the observatory.

We would like to thank Jim Talbot – who created, maintained, and curated the previous website for over 13 years. He put in a huge amount of work and dedication into what has become an incredibly valuable resource for both the community and members alike. The vast bulk of the work left to do on this website (this will be a forever ongoing project) will be moving content from the old site to this one – and there is a lot of it!

So, what advantages will the new site have? We will be able to have a greater presence in the online space, offering articles on the latest astronomical news and events, which will be easily shared via social media. The modern responsive design means that the site will be easily viewable on a multitude of devices, from smart phones to big screen televisions. A comprehensive archival system means that tracking down any specific piece of information from the past thirteen years will be as easy as typing in the search bar.
Also, we will be implementing a booking system to make it easier for schools and groups to make observatory bookings online, which will help to document and streamline the whole process.

So, stick around – there is plenty more to come in what is looking to be a great year for TAS. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Scott Hansen




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