Public Meeting Tuesday 26th February 2019

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The featured image is the Hubble Space Telescope


~  Our next meeting is this Tuesday 26th February

Program –

Member Keith Forrest will address us about his observatory that he designed and built. Not to be missed ! 

observatory (

Another member David Greig has produced a video of the International Space Station passing over the north of the South Island, as viewed from Tauranga on 18th February 2019. David, who is also a committee member, filmed the event using one of our cameras – the Canon 60Da. We’ll view the video. Don’t miss this either !


The International Space Station


Another item on the program is information about modern telescopes –

including Hubble and James Webb.

Hubble Space Telescope. Zip contains AI, PDF and hi-res PDF.

Hubble Space Telescope


James Webb Space Telescope (

James Webb Space Telescope


Make a note!


Our next public meeting

including Keith Forrest’s observatory address

Tuesday 26th February at 7.30pm

Fergusson Park Observatory, Tilby Drive, Matua, Tauranga.


Regrettably, viewing will be uninteresting. There will be nothing to see through the telescopes on Tuesday evening. The moon won’t be visible and there will not be any planets in the sky. Sorry!

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Admission to our meetings –

A donation of $5 is requested.

Members & children free.


Annual membership –

$30 each adult

or $40 each family

$10 students.



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