Public Meeting Tuesday 26th March 2019


The featured image is an amateur image of the Orion Nebula taken with a Sony Alpha A6300 camera.  (Source: Wikipedia)


Our next meeting is this Tuesday 26th March

 The Program –

Daniel Evans will present an address about SpaceX.

SpaceX is a private company that designs and launches spacecraft. Founder Elon Musk has become quite a celebrity for his role as CEO of companies SpaceX and Tesla.
Then there’s an on-screen presentation :

The Origin of Life – How life started on Earth.


If time permits we’ll also discuss :

Titan – Saturn’s largest moon.


Telescope Viewing

There is nothing of particular interest to see on Tuesday – no Moon or planets. Jupiter will be visible on Tuesday nights from late May/early June, and Saturn will be visible from July/August. The only objects of note – star clusters and the Orion Nebula, can be viewed through our large telescope, the Meade LX200 14 inch SCT (Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope).

The Orion Nebula is a diffuse nebula situated in the Milky Way, south of Orion’s Belt. It is one of the brightest nebulae and is visible to the naked eye in the night sky.

An extra dimension to viewing star clusters and the Orion nebula would be to see these objects subject to long exposures. In this regard committee member David Greig will demonstrate to us the ability to take long exposure photographs with the Society’s Canon 60Da DSLR camera, so we may see more detail than by viewing instantaneous images through the telescope. Note cloud cover must be minimal for this exercise.



Telescope for Sale

 A member has an introductory telescope for sale.

Technical specifications:

Bushnell Sky Rover

Model number 78-5400

Meade 2 Times Telenegative

Multi Coated

D = 60mm

F = 70mm


Lenses –

18mm ortho-9b

S.R. = 4.5mm

H = 6mm

O.R. = 25mm

K = 9mm

HI =2mm



Moon lens

Wooden tripod


$40  ono.


In the first instance please respond to –

Jane Bloch

Phone 07 543 2347




Our next public meeting then –

Tuesday 26th March at 7.30pm

Fergusson Park Observatory, Tilby Drive, Matua, Tauranga.


Admission to our meetings –

A donation of $5 is requested.

Members & children free.


Annual membership –

$30 each adult

or $40 each family

$10 students.



Telescope viewing is subject to cloud cover.

Happy skies everyone.


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