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Tuesday 23rd February Meeting – Gravity Waves and Stellar Lifecycles


Recently, there has been an announcement that will change the face of physics and cosmology. One hundred years after Einstein first predicted, we now have conformation of gravity waves. But – what are they, and why are they so important? TAS committee member George Gomez will be giving a brief […] Read more»

Tuesday 9th February Meeting – Supernova Stellar Explosions


The upcoming meeting should be an extremely interesting one as we delve into the science behind supernovae – stellar explosions, with a video presentation that goes into depth behind the mysteries of these phenomenal events. As usual, weather permitting – we will also have the 14 inch Meade telescope available […] Read more»

Tuesday 22 September Meeting – Dark Matter and Dark Energy


Dark matter and dark energy. “The Invisible Universe” Around 85% of the matter in the Universe is dark, and of a type not understood by physicists. Although it doesn’t shine or absorb light, astronomers can detect this dark matter through its effect on stars and galaxies, specifically from its gravitational […] Read more»


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