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Tuesday 13th November Meeting – Astronomical Spectroscopy

The barcode of the Sun. A very long spectrum was chopped in small chunks and then displayed one on top of another.

At the Tauranga Observatory this week, we will be looking into Astronomical Spectroscopy. Astronomical Spectroscopy is the analysis of light that determines temperature, composition and movement of stellar objects. It is one of astronomy’s most useful applications. Astronomical spectroscopy is the study of astronomy using the techniques of spectroscopy to measure the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, including visible […] Read more»

Tuesday 26th July Meeting – The Stellar Zoo, and Their Long Lives with Amit, and SOFIA Touches Down in Christchurch


This tuesday, Amit returns to give a presentation on the Stellar zoo, how many types of stars there are, how long they live for and why they are so important to the universe, and ultimately… us. He will be taking questions from the audience, and prepare to have your answers […] Read more»

Tuesday June 14th Meeting – More Rockets with Dayl, and Amit Shines Some Light on Stars


Our next meeting will be this Tuesday, the 14th, and will be the last portion of Dayl’s Rockets presentation, finishing the Space Shuttle overview and detailing the Russian Soyuz Rocket System.  And finally a glimpse into the future of space flight with SpaceX and ULA.  Then for the latter portion […] Read more»


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