Tuesday June 14th Meeting – More Rockets with Dayl, and Amit Shines Some Light on Stars


Our next meeting will be this Tuesday, the 14th, and will be the last portion of Dayl’s Rockets presentation, finishing the Space Shuttle overview and detailing the Russian Soyuz Rocket System.  And finally a glimpse into the future of space flight with SpaceX and ULA.  Then for the latter portion of the meeting, Amit Kamble will start his presentation series on Stars.  This will be a multi-night series covering all manner of star topics: The birth of a star, types and colours, how they form, their life cycle, their death and what happens afterwards.  Even some images with our solar telescope that Amit has taken recently.

This is looking to be a fantastic night, so bring your family and friends!

Telescope viewing weather permitting.

Admission is $5.00 for visitors (free for members). School age children are free. 12 Month membership is $30.00 for individuals, $40.00 for families, or $10.00 for students.

Fergusson Park Observatory, Matua, Tauranga.



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NASA astronomy picture of the day