Tuesday September 13 Meeting – The Next Brightest Stars in the Night Sky


This Tuesday, Roy Tallon will continue his presentation on the brightest stars in our night sky; continuing a highly informative session from last week, Roy will delve into the brightest stars as seen from your backyard, how they came to be, why they are as bright as they are and what the future holds for them.

Then, a video presentation brought to you from the folks at the Slooh Observatory detailing the recent discovery of an “Earth like” planet orbiting our closest star.

After the break, there will be a viewing of Hubble’s latest imagery of the most far flung galaxies. Galaxies that sit on the very edge of the observable universe, galaxies that tell us a lot about how our very own Milky Way was born. This is in preparation for the James Webb telescope, which will hopefully broaden our vision of the universe and reach even further back in time after it is launched in 2018.

With the 14 inch Meade telescope back in action, there will also be viewing available should the skies be clear.

Admission is $5.00 for visitors (free for members). School age children are free. 12 Month membership is $30.00 for individuals, $40.00 for families, or $10.00 for students.

7.30pm Fergusson Park Observatory, Matua, Tauranga.



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